In the year 1851, it was believed that England made the most impregnable locks in the world. Until an American locksmith, Alfred C. Hobbs proved otherwise.

Jeremiah Chubb patented the Detector Lock who had been the most widely used in all of England, even giving the honor of providing locks for “Her Majesty’s Prison Service.”

The Detector Lock has a built-in anti-picking mechanism that when it is triggered, the lock will become inoperable even if there’s a key. You could tell that someone picked the lock if your key is no longer working. However, to open this lock, you need to have a special key to reset and can once again use the original key for access.

Numerous attempts have been made from countless people, and all failed to open. Even an individual’s freedom was on the line to open the Detector Lock, but also failed.

Then came Alfred Charles Hobbs about to change history. While his original purpose is to sell Day and Newell’s Parautopic Lock in London’s Great Exhibition, he planned to annihilate this so-called ‘World’s, Greatest Lock.’

As soon as the Exhibition opened, in a mere 10 to 15 minutes Hobbs open the lock with several spectators. In denial of what just had happened, skeptics challenged Hobbs to open the lock that is attached to an iron door in Westminster that housed valuable papers.

While the first attempt was successful after 25 minutes of picking, skeptics made him do it again, and the lock was opened again in just 7 minutes, destroying the pride of England knowing that the security they have always been relying on was vulnerable.

Alongside the Detector Lock, the Bramah Precision Lock also represents England’s supremacy of locks. The moment this lock was produced in 1790, the inventor of this lock Joseph Bramah, sets up a challenge and posted a note that whoever open this lock, the person will receive 200 Guineas which $20,000 today.

And sure enough, after 67 years, Hobbs unlock the Monster Lock for 51 hours and 16 days. With just a simple sound of a click, that is the moment when England’s reign was over. The Bank of England changed their locks from Bramah’s to Day and Newell’s locks.

Not only Hobbs picked these locks, but he also picked England’s mind knowing just a single man compromises the nation’s greatest lock in the world. It had sparked controversy raising some questions if Hobbs picked them or there’s a swindle involved. Knowing that someday, a single man can change the face of history, are we safe with our locks?

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