Best Online Courses in India

Best Online Courses in India

March 5, 2019 Off By Nicky Mckay

Online courses are developed by professionals from universities, colleges, and business schools. Below is a selection of best online courses in India. Choosing the courses online, you get a variety of remote study options and unique skills for a short period of time. It is an easy way to become a professional and to get all necessary skills for a job. Also, some universities develop and integrate free of charge or with free trial period courses.

Pros and Cons of Online Courses in India

The learning process in India provides high quality programmes in English for technical specialists and for many others. The main advantage of studying online in India is a low cost of courses, the fee differs from the cost of courses in the USA or in Europe significantly. You can find interesting programs in such disciplines as Applied Science, Art, Computer Sciences, Environmental Studies, Healthcare, Law, Social studies and others.

Distance Online Course

Both part-time and full-time courses are developed with the main purpose to introduce the basic knowledge for beginners and to develop new skills for advanced learners.The most popular are:

  • MCF Corporate Finance from SDA Bocconi School of Management
  • EMiLUX program in Luxury Management from SDA Boccini School of Management
  • Trading Strategies from Coursera Indian School of Business
  • Competency in IEC from Engineering Institute of Technology
  • Industrial Data Communications from Engineering Institute of Technology
  • Competency in Mechanical Design from Engineering Institute of Technology

An average cost per year for courses equals 33 000 EUR.

For example, Competency in IEC courses is free of charge and an average duration is 3 months. During a free course, you will learn the basic skills in communication, power automation and all other related concepts.

The Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore is known as the top management educational institution in India. The institute collaborates with the best leaders in the industry to perform the best online programs for business leaders and employees all over the world. The top courses of IIMBx are Customer Relationship Management, Effective Business Communication, Innovation and IT Management as well as Strategic Management and Operations Management.

As to the IT courses in India, you can choose online management programs, data analytics, digital marketing  and cyber security. The above-mentioned courses will be helpful for clients who prefer to apply the received knowledge into practice, because IT industry is changing rapidly, each professional has to update knowledge.

The Main Reasons to Choose Online Courses

The concept of distance learning is popular between professionals in India. Here is a list of advantages for you to think about online courses:

  • A variety of videos to watch and download
  • Free of charge courses or programs with trial period
  • Unlimited access to the course material
  • Professional online support
  • Verified certificate

Also, some universities perform combo programs to save your money and to get more information.

Distance courses offer short and long duration programs and specialized programs to increase the level of education in the world.