It is no secret to all of us that the world still has a lot of mysteries that no human can explain. Although the world of medicine is way advanced now, there are still things that no medical expert can explain.

One of the examples of this is 30-year-old Chinese man named Wang Tianfang. Tianfang was born in 1987 in rural eastern China, he suffers from an unknown condition in which he stopped growing at the age between 2 and 3 years old.

The difference is that aside from not growing physically, Tianfang intelligence has not developed. His condition can’t be classified as dwarfism according to the doctors because although the people with it stopped growing physically, their mental development grows at a normal rate.

One of the famous people with dwarfism is Chandra Bahadur Dangi. He was the shortest man in recorded history, with a height of 54.6 cm only. Dangi was born in Nepal, he was able to work as a farmer which is a common occupation in the village where he lived. He was able to live until 75 years old despite his extraordinarily small size.

Different from Dangi, Tianfang is unable to speak and just like a toddler he needs a 24-hour care every day. However, despite being unable to talk, Tianfang has learned how to stand unassisted.

While it is not clear where his father is or what happened to him, Tianfang’s mother, Chu Xiaoping, continues to care for him. Ms. Chu ignores the people who tell her to abandon him and just have another child. She still continues to show her unconditional love to her son.

Being a solo carer for his son and working at the same time is not easy, according to Ms. Chu. She picks tea leaves in the nearby mountain as well as works as a cleaner. Thanks to her kind neighbors, she was able to work because they look after Tianfang when she was gone.

Ms. Chu’s greatest wish in life is not anything material, she just wants to be able to hear Tianfang to call her “Mother”.

Wanting to know the real condition of his son, Ms. Chu once consult some local doctors in their town. However, his unusual condition remains a mystery because they can’t diagnose him. But what is clear for the doctors is that it is a miracle for Tianfang to lived so long.

When asked about what he wants for his son, Ms. Chu tearfully said, “I know he’ll never recover. That’s impossible, but all I want is for him to live on.”

Lastly, she added, “I don’t want him to die.”

We really hope that doctors can find out the real condition of Wang Tianfang.